Newsletter from the Ministry: Good News for the Shan –
Sharing the Good News in Northern Thailand among the Shan people from Myanmar

Here in Northern Thailand, it is the hot season and summer time now and the school holidays should have soon been over, but there is a third wave of Covid-19 here, so the school start has been postponed, and we don’t know how long? This applies to our weekend school as well.

I know most people are tired of hearing about Covid-19, and we all hope that it will soon be over, so we can start planning things again, and living normally. We are also very much looking forward to that, but we are a bit behind Europe and the States when it comes to vaccination, so possible we have to wait longer?

Just before the new Covid-19 wave hit here in Thailand, we were luckily to be able to have a big and successful Easter party at our weekend school, where we experienced a great openness. There was also a woman who recently wanted to receive Jesus who was at this feast.

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