Sharing the Good News to the Shan and other people groups from Myanmar

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More Than 40 Have Been Baptized

A Newsletter from Good News For The Shan Ministry, working among people groups from Myanmar.

There is a lot that we could have included in this newsletter, but we have chosen to just include certain highlights, testimonies and a short summary, such as: More than 40 people have been baptized in our ministry during the last two years (and that is not an exaggeration).
We post more stories, updates and photos on our Facebook Page, so feel free to like it!

Towards the end of the newsletter, we will also mention a couple of important things about financial support, such as: You are involved, or can be involved, in what God is doing out here in South East Asia, even if it is only by small amounts or in prayer!

See also a short video of the email.

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She Experienced the Power of The Holy Spirit

A Newsletter from the project Good News For the Shan, working among people groups from Myanmar.

Since our newsletter in mid-April, four people have accepted Jesus and seven people have been baptized!

This newsletter will be about a woman who experienced the power of The Holy Spirit, baptisms again, a new Christian who received a Bible and he also had a dream etc.


I have also made a new video from the ministry. See video further down in this email!

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Another Miracle 

Newsletter from the project Good News for the Shan,
working among the Shan and other people groups from Myanmar

Here are our newsletter for April, and a lot has happened in the last few months out here in South East Asia.
We are in the hottest season in South East Asia now, where the temperature can be around 40 degrees Celsius, and we stay a lot indoors during the heat of the day.

In this newsletter I will write about: A new miracle, we have had visits from two teams, the baptism of Pi Wii, he was the one who has been healed and more children at our Saturday school, we count almost 80 children now.

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An Exciting Start

Here comes our first newsletter of the year out here in Northern Thailand. It’s cold here as in Europe too, with temperatures down to the freezing point and frost in the mountains around us, but during daytime the temperature is comfortable with about 25 degrees Celsius. This is the best time of year in Northern Thailand.

We had an exciting Christmas party and a start of the New Year. We have been busy after New Year too, and we have seen more people become Christians and we had our first baptism of the year last week. We have also reached over 16,000 people with the Christmas message.
Read more about it in this newsletter!

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