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Our vision is to see that many Shan people can have a better future and hope.
We also want them to get to know God who has loved them and us first! That they should see how valuable they are in God’s eyes!
You can join us in this!

The money you will give to this Ministry goes directly to the Ministry and to the people that need it.
When you donate to the Ministry: Good News for the Shan, you directly support the following: Support local staff, run Sunday and Saturday school, help poor families, transportation to meetings and events, Evangelism, food Sunday meetings, Christmas and other events, etc.

Specifically, we need this.

1. Renting of land and for the weekend school
We need about 250 USD a month for renting the property we have our ministry on and an office. We also need some money to run our Saturday and Sunday school and other arrangement with food.

2. Transportation.
We have a ministry car and need diesel and maintenance
We need about $200 in regular support per month for this.

3. Support local staff/evangelists/teachers.
We also supports (and want to support more) local evangelists/teachers.
We need approximately $500 for this now, but we want to increase this in the future.

4. Humanitarian aid
We also do some humanitarian work such as: Helping the poor and refugees with food, clothes etc.

Not everyone can give
I know that not everyone can give, and maybe not so much, but I would also encourage you to share about our Ministry on social media or if you would like to promote us in some other way, like in Churches.
We are also open to other ideas on fundraising, such as on the web. I have a video I can share (see the video below)
Do not hesitate to contact us. Write us an e.mail (use the form under)

Here are the social links you can share:

  • If you wish to support us please feel free to contact us at this page or at we also have a Thai bank account you can transfer to.
  • If you are Norwegian or have an Norwegian bank account you can use:
    Vipps #770203
  • You can also use PayPal: Use this link!

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