In the last month we have had a small Easter party and celebrated Thai New Year, Songkran (a water festival) togather with the youth and the children from our Saturday and Sunday school.

We had planned a larger Easter party, but because it coincided with a Shan Buddhist festival, we were not able to gather so many. But about 30 people came, also some adults and we had Easter eggs, food, sweets and we shared the Easter's message.

During Songkran we had around 20 youth who came too. Before we went out and had a water fight, I shared with them that they are very important. They are all VIP's.
The Shan people really need to hear this, as many people have a low self-esteem.

I also teach more English now and there have bee coming some more local Thai's from the village we  have our ministry in too.

A Need We Have
A need we have right now is to have one more car.
At the moment we only use my car and it's difficult to run the Saturday&Sunday school when I am not there. Like now when we will travel to Myanmar.

We could also have picked up more children/youth and be more efficient if we had a car for the ministry.

Pleas pray with us for this.  (Please feel free to contact us for more information, if you want to help)

We also pray for volunteers who can help us with children and youth ministry and teaching English for a shorter or longer time (see Teams&Volunteers).


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