We have had two weeks summer holiday in our ministry. I mid May we started up our Sunday and Saturday school again. Some people had sadly left to another city, for better work, but there where also some new children that came.

We have possibilities to reach out to more people, but because of our small team and lack of another car we are not able to pick them up at this time.

Mawkkham have started to do more Sunday school teaching now for the smallest children, she has not been able to do so because of her pregnancy.

One Sunday she asked them if they had some prayer subject. One girl said: Pray for my mother and father. My mother is pregnant and they arguing all the time now.
A few days later we had a meting for new believers, and both of them came to our meeting, and heard the Good News, it was the first rime for the father to come any meeting like this.


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A Need We Have
A need we have right now is to have one more car.
At the moment we only use my car and it's difficult to run the Saturday&Sunday school when I, Tore, are not there. I will also go to Norway soon for two weeks.

We could also have picked up more children/youth and be more efficient if we had a car for the ministry.

Pleas pray with us for this.  (Please feel free to contact us for more information, if you want to help)

We also pray for volunteers who can help us with children and youth ministry and teaching English for a shorter or longer time (see Teams&Volunteers).


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