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We had a successful Christmas celebration here in Northern Thailand, and we reached out to between 200-250 Shan people all together.
We had four parties at four different locations from the 14th to the 22end of December, most people had never heard about the Christmas message before, and many were encouraged.

Watch a video from the Chrismas parties under!

About 150 people came to our Christmas party on December 22end that we had on the land that we rent.
We had programs in the morning for the children and youth and food and program for adults in the evening.
Many prayed the salvation prayer in the end of our big Christmas party.

Our Sunday and Saturday school kids performed a Christmas tradition Shan dance (with the Christmas message) in all the places we were, plus in a Shan church we visited in another city.

Now we have started the New Year with about 10-15 children.

Children's Day
This last Sunday we had Children's Day at our Sunday school. Around 40 children, plus some adults came. It was a fun time with lot of games and we ate lunch together.

Arrangements and special days are always a good opportunity for us to share the Good News.

Please still pray for sponsors/donors to our ministry: Good News for the Shan. We are in need of more funds in this year too, we are especially in need for a car.



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Baptized two youths 

Baptized two youths 

Publisert av Good News for the Shan - Ministry Sunday 18. November 2018


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