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It is a family we have known for over 2 years now and they are very open, especially after the family father got healed for almost two years ago. He had problems with his eyes, and he had been to regular doctors and witch doctors who couldn't help him.

We explained that for God this is not impossible, so my wife and me prayed for him over a period of months, and he got better and better. Today he is healed and has no problems.

A few weeks ago, when I was going to pick up the children for our Saturday and Sunday school, he stopped me when I picked up his youngest daughter who goes to our weekend school.
He had pain in his knees and trouble working and sleeping, and he asked me if I could pray for him there and then. I parked the car and prayed for his knees.
Last week we visited him, and he eagerly explained us that after I had prayed for him, all the pain had disappeared and he slept well at night.

Prayer Also Helped the Daughter

His youngest daughter, she is 7 years old, goes to our school, as I said, and she had recently had a test at her school. She was the best in her class and especially in English. We asked her why she was the best, where she replied: That's because I prayed to God.

More Than 40 People at Our Monthly Meeting

Every month we gather the Christians we know and reach out to, some parents of our Sunday and Saturday students and Shan people who live nearby.

Last month we gathered over 40 people, and there were several we hadn't seen before. Someone had also not heard the Good News that we explained very well to them.

After Christmas there was also a widow with a 12 year old child who received Jesus in one of our house churches. They are well followed up and both meet at the house meeting every week.


Our Saturday and Sunday School

We have experienced a small increase of students at our Sunday and Saturday school as well.
The children come mainly from the village we focus on.
We gathers between 15-20 children every weekend.

Please still pray for a ministry car and for at least one more English teacher. This would have helped us to reach further out and gather more children and youth.
In August, there will be a volunteer from Switzerland coming out, and we pray that everything will fall into place of preparing this.

There is also a couple from America that would like to come out in October full time.

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Baptized two youths 

Baptized two youths 

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