We have a ministry among a people group from Myanmar called the Shan people, most have no or limited knowledge of Christmas and its message, and they are also poor immigrants in Thailand.

In the month of December we have a grate opportunity to share the Good News and the Christmas message to the Shan people.
We will have a big Christmas party on December the 21st on a land we have rented and have our ministry on in Northern Thailand. We expect around 150 people at our Christmas party.

We will also be giving out gifts to 25 shan children who come to our Saturday and Sunday school plus those we visit weekly and reach out to. In addition, we will give gifts to those who come to our big Christmas party.
At the Christmas party we will also give out sweets, snacks and food for those who will come.

 We have a budget of about 1,500USD for Christmas parties and gifts, and we have already received more than half, but we need some more to make this possible.  So if you would like to support and give a meaningful gift for Christmas, feel free to join us.

You can use PayPal to donate, or contact us for other ways you can give.

If you want to donate we both have a Thai bank account you can transfer too, or you can use PayPal (please feel free to contact us if you want to give)

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