We would like to challenge you about this: Do you wish to support our Ministry. (Remember to watch the video under)

If you would like to donate or support this ministry, you will help us with this:
  • Saturday and Sunday school for 25-30 children. We give them food on Sundays.
  • Rental of land we have the ministry on
  • Support for local helpers and staff
  • Arrange meetings and parties, such as Christmas parties. (we have a meeting in the evening on Sunday once a month)
  • First Aid/Mercy Ministry - Provides food and clothing for the poor and needy.
  • Expenses for transport and miscellaneous
  • We are in need of a ministry car
We would like to see about USD 1,000 come in per month, and think about whether you would like to give a monthly gift (currently we do not have any specific regular donors for the ministry).
You are also free to give a one-time gift
Christmas presents
Christmas is approaching, and we need money for Christmas events and gifts. The biggest expense is gifts.

We are a bit unsure if we can have a big Christmas party this year, both because of the political situation in Thailand and because of Covid-19, but gifts and food we can give anyway.
We have 30 children that we want to give gifts to plus around 20 families.
We need around USD 1,000 for this.

Would you like to give a Donation to the Ministry?
You can use PayPal or I also have a Buy Me A Coffee account. 
It's also possible to transfer to my bank account, if you reply I can give you the information.
You can also use this link to Buy Me A Coffee, but in the comment (Say something nice..) write Donation for the Ministry.
Also remember to watch a short video from the ministry under (it is only a 1 minute video!)




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