Newsletter from the project Good News for the Shan,
working among the Shan and other people groups from Myanmar

Here are our newsletter for April, and a lot has happened in the last few months out here in South East Asia.
We are in the hottest season in South East Asia now, where the temperature can be around 40 degrees Celsius, and we stay a lot indoors during the heat of the day.

In this newsletter I will write about: A new miracle, we have had visits from two teams, the baptism of Pi Wii, he was the one who has been healed and more children at our Saturday school, we count almost 80 children now.

Wanted To Be Pregnant for Seven Years

One of our married couples who became Christians last year has wanted a child for a long time. They have been married for seven years, and they had tried in many ways to get pregnant, but it didn’t happen.

One day in November, at a Sunday meeting, we prayed for the woman, and Mawkkham had a strong impression to pray that the woman should become fertile and become pregnant. She placed her hand on her stomach and prayed a faith-filled prayer for fertility.
On New Year’s Eve, she also said a bit prophetically to the woman: During this next year you will have a child in your arms!
In mid-January, we got the news that she had become pregnant, and now she is around five months along, and everything is going well.

We are all very convinced that God did a miracle in this woman when Mawkkham prayed for her!

A Strong Faith and a New Baptism

After a Sunday meeting for about a month ago, we had a special baptism. The ones we baptized were a married couple who became Christians in January, and was also the man in the couple who got healed.
They told us at this Sunday meeting that they had to move from the orange farm they lived in, to a new place, quite a distance from the previous place.

This couple is quite poor and the Pi Wii has not been able to work for almost a year now, due to the illness. It was one of the reasons why they had to move to a new place.
The new place they moved to was quite a distance from us, and they were a bit unsure when they could come to our Sunday meetings again. They have neither a car nor a motorbike, and it was a long way for us to pick them up.

Therefore, at this Sunday meeting, they really wanted to get baptized. Pi Wii also said that he would not wait any longer, and that no matter what others said and what happened, he would follow Jesus.
We had not prepared for this, but after the meeting we took them to a river and baptized them there.
They were very happy after the baptism as you can see in the pictures and Pi Wii hasn’t stopped smiling yet.

For those who haven’t read our previous newsletters, Pi Wii is the man who couldn’t walk or talk eight months ago, and the doctors had given him up and said he would die, but he has been healed. He is almost back to normal, but needs to train up his muscles and coordination again. God has really done a great miracle with him! And both he and his wife are firm in their new faith.

This week they moved again to a new location, and it’s not too far from where we have our Sunday service, so we have the opportunity to pick them up again. Pi Wii can also gradually start working again in the new location, so God provides!

Saturday School and Two Teams

Our school and visit from Bangkok

We have only had three teachers at our Saturday school since December, and we have had more and more children coming. At most we have had over 70 children, and many to watch over.

But in February we had a team from Bangkok who helped us for two weekends, and last week we had a DTS team from Norway visiting and helping us.

At the beginning of this month, we also got a new local couple who have start working with us.

The children are very happy to be able to go to our Saturday school, and when we had a little summer vacation (it’s summer in Thailand now), they kept calling us and asking: When do we have school again?

Easter party for the children
During Easter we had an Easter program for the children, we were able to do this a bit special because of a donor from Canada.
During this day we explained to them why we celebrated Easter and how it is connected to Christmas. Mawkkham explained with pictures, and I showed them a video afterwards.

We also had games, gave out eggs, candies and served some extra good food. We were also able to give out new sandals to all the children. Some of the children had old sandals or no sandals at all. 

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With fairly simple means, we share the Good News to many people out here in South East Asia and we don’t have big sponsors.
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The project (Good News for the Shan)
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So we need more support here!
I know that some missionaries often have an organization behind them that provides support for missionary projects, and they may work in more established ministries.
For us, it is not quite like that. We have pioneered a new ministry/project and the support we get for the project comes through us sending out these newsletters, through Facebook pages or the website the project has (
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Prayer Subject

  • Pray for all the new Christians!
  • Pray for the children who comes to our Saturday school
  • Pray for Pi Wii and that he will fully be restored and can work again
  • Pray for the couple who started working with us this month, Sei Kyow and Nang Kam
  • Pray for protection over our ministry and project!
  • Pray for the finances for the ministry/project