Newsletter from the ministry Good News for the Shan in
Northern Thailand, working among the Shan people from Myanmar.

It is the end of the rainy season here in northern Thailand, and the “cold” season will soon begin, with temperatures below “20 degrees” Celsius at night.

In the last three months, we haven’t done much external activity in the ministry because of increase in Covid-19 cases in Thailand. At the beginning of August, it peaked at around 23k people who got Covid-19 per day, but now it is down to 11k, some days, so it is on the right track.

Our ministry during these three months has not stopped up because of this. We have not been able to do some things, but we have had a lot of contact with people through Messenger, Facebook and telephone, and we pray for people almost every day.

There are many who are hungry for the Good News now. We have several who wants to receive Jesus, and we have also experienced people who have been healed trough prayer, but we have also experienced some challenges especially in connection with the Covid-19 situation.

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Visited some people in an orange farm that
a few days later were tested for Covid-19

The picture is from the orange farm where we had
a house group with new Christians, for about 3 months ago

One day we went to an orange farm to visit some new Christians for a short time.
We usually go to this place every week but due to Covid-19 we have not been able to be there since mid-June.
When we arrived, several of the people living there approached us and asked if we could pray for them, which we of course did. There are several who are eager to hear the Good News and there are two people who are interested in receiving Jesus there.

The following week we wanted to go to this orange farm again, to visit those who want to become Christians.
When we asked if we could visit the garden, we got a message that a person who had been visiting the orange farm recently, and one of our previous students, might have Covid-19, and they had to shut down the entire orange farm . We were a bit worried right away too, because we had been visiting there a few days earlier.
It turned out that the person had not Covid-19, but she worked at a fruit factory in a neighboring town where there had been an outbreak, and they checked everyone at the factory and those with whom they had been in contact with again. There were over 700 people that were tested, people in this orange farm were included.

This situation makes us a little unsure when we can visit them again, but we have asked some of them to meet us at our rented land instead, so that we do not have to go into the orange farm where they live and work.

Started Up Our Sunday Meeting, Again.

From June until this month, our Sunday meetings have been via Messenger, and it is not quite the same as meeting in person, but the first Sunday of this month we had the opportunity to have a meeting together again.
We went home to a couple who have started attending our meetings, and we had worship, testimony, sharing the word of God, and communion together. We were eleven adults, and it was very nice to meet again after more than two months of absence.

Our School and Students

We have visited some of our students from our weekend school. One day we went and gave them some rice, noodles and fish.

Last week we visited the same students. A girl who is an orphaned and lives with her aunt, turned 12 years, Si Tong is her name. She has not experienced many birthday parties before, so it was special for her that we came.
We bought a cake, some donuts and a gift, and spent an hour with them. We also prayed with them and encouraged them.

Monday, last week, we had a small celebration for one of our younger staff as well, Nong Mon, she turned 18 years old.
She is a devout Christian and wants to attend a Bible school. Remember to pray for her, she is a good help for our school and ministry, and we want to take good care of her.

30 000 Video Views

One Saturday in the middle of July, we was a bit discouraged because we had to shut down all external ministry again because of Covid-19. We were all feeling a bit frustrated.

Mawkkham felt strongly the day after that she wanted to give an encouragement to others through Facebook Live.
She gave a 20 minutes encouragement speech in Shan language about that even though things are difficult around us now, we have life (and eternal life) through Jesus.
Usually we get between 200 to 1,000 views on a sharing like this and 20-70 likes (and that in itself is pretty good), this video has gotten 30k views and it has reached almost 60k people. It has 890 likes and around 400 shares.

We have never experienced this, even with video we have paid to show to many, but this one we have not tried in any way to promote, it has lived its own life. So we have reached out to many Shan with the Good News even though we have been sitting at home in our own living room.

We have also had a live broadcast every Sunday until now, but have not reached as many. We still reach out to around 500-2000 people per video.

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Praying For The Sick Online

Mawkkham has had a wish for a long time and she has prayed for this: That she will have the opportunity to pray for many sick people, and also see that they get healed, of course.
More and more we see that this is coming true even though we now only do most things online or by phone. There are several people who have given her feedback that they have been healed trough prayer.

Makkham’s phone has almost not been quiet, mostly because many want prayer. There are often people we know, but they contact family and friends and they contact her again.

God really is at work even through this challenging time in ministry, when we are not able to go around so much or hold physical meetings.

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Prayer Subject

  • Pray for the Covid-19 situation here in Northern Thailand and that we can soon start up of our external ministry again!
  • Pray for some of the new Christians, who are experiencing some challenges.
  • Pray in general for our ministry, which can be challenging at times in several ways, but especially now because of Covid-19.
  • Pray for us as a team, for protection and good health.
  • Continue to pray for Myanmar!
    There are civil wars going on there now and they are still experiencing daily human rights violations. It seems that they are now forgotten by this world.

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