Newsletter from the Ministry: Good News for the Shan –
Sharing the Good News in Northern Thailand among the Shan people from Myanmar

Here are some news from us in Northern Thailand.
In the West, summer is just starting, while summer in Thailand is over and the rainy season has begun. The Thai school year have started too, but due to local Covid-19 outbreaks, it has not started yet.
For the same reason, we have not been able to start up our weekend school.

We have nevertheless been able to do a lot in the ministry. Among other things: We saw a woman in her twenties receive Jesus in May, and this month she was baptized.
You can read more about this and other news from the ministry in this newsletter.

(Remember to watch a video from the baptism!)

New Baptism

On Sunday the 13th of June we had our first Sunday gathering on our land since the beginning of April, due to a new wave of Covid-19. It was a very nice and special day.

The woman we have reached out to for several months, and who received Jesus in May, was baptized. This woman took the initiative her selves, contacted us and asked us if we would lead her to salvation on her birthday.
Due to Covid-19 we were not able to visit her that day, but we visited her about 14 days later.
She has become a devout Christian, and was very excited about being baptized. She has also started telling others about God, and eagerly shares what she already knows about God online and with people she knows.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen such a zealous new Christian. She knows more than many who have been Christians for a year. She devours everything she finds online and we need to guide her a bit, because not everything is as good and healthy. Among other things, it was a Korean sect we had to warn her against, that had contacted her.

She is not a Shan, but from a people group (a Hill-tribe)called Ba Hlong also from Myanmar, but she speaks and can read Shan well. She got a Shan Bible from us too, and she reads in it daily.

Watch video from the baptism below

Partial Start-up of the Ministry

As mentioned, we have not been able to start the weekend school, due to local Covid-19 cases, but we hope to start again next month, as the Covid-19 situation has improved here in the north (but the situation is very unstable).

We have already started our Sunday meetings as mentioned, and we are around five families coming to the meetings.

We also go house visits in the evenings, and recently we visited a sick man. He lived alone far out on a field, and we prayed for and encouraged him. After our visit, he has gotten better.

We have many who call us and want to be prayed for, and we pray for many too.

We have a couple of new Christians we need to follow up and teach now, but due to Covid-19 it has been a bit difficult to gather them.
Feel free to pray with us that we will be able to get them together, especially on Sundays, but also to follow them up on other days.

Busy and New Website (design).

Despite a lot of home time, we are quite busy.

However, we have occasionally had some time to re-design our Ministry’s web pages (it has taken us around two months), and we are still working on re-designing our pages in Shan.
On our Shan pages we will post video from some of our meetings, teaching and encouragements.

Feel free to look at the page:

Don’t Forget Myanmar!

We just want to urge you to not forget Myanmar!

The situation there is worse now. There are civil wars in many places, and some our family in Myanmar is experiencing this quite closely.
There have been fights in a nearby town (they could hear shots) and it is difficult to buy things or transfer money to them.
For a time, they were afraid that the fighting would reach their village, our family fled to another village. They have returned to the village, but now many internal refugees have come to their village, and the situation is difficult.

Remember to pray Myanmar!

Feel Free to Support Us!

In our ministry we have some regular expenses like giving support to our staff, running our weekend school, transport and Sunday meetings.

We had to repair our ministry car recently . It is an old car so the shock absorbers on it were very worn out, so we had to replace them. This cost around 400USD.

If you wish to Donate to our ministry see this page! Or contact us!

Prayer Subject

  • Pray for the new Christians, especially for them to grow fast and to be bold in their faith!
  • We are constantly growing in our ministry, and pray for wisdom, strength, good health and unity in our ministry.
  • Pray for peace over Myanmar!
  • Pray for our weekend school and for starting it again.
  • Pray for protection, especially against Covid-19.
  • Pray for more regular donors to the ministry and privately.

If you want to contact us, you can use this form: