Newsletter from the ministry Good News for the Shan in
Northern Thailand, working among the Shan people from Myanmar.

Here comes a summer newsletter from us out here in northern Thailand.
While summer has come to Europe and in the west, the summer holidays are over here in Thailand and we are at the beginning of the rainy season. It can be both hot and quite annoyingly humid some days out here.

This will be a relatively short newsletter that will be about: Starting up our Saturday school in our ministry with almost 60 children, and some about our new Christians.

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Sixty Children at Our Saturday School

Due to Covid-19, we have not been able to run our weekend school for over a year now.
Easter last year was our last school day. We have had contact with some of our students, but we were still excited about how many children would come when we opened it in the end of May.

We have also changed a bit how we do it. When we finished our school on Easter 2021, we did not have many people who came to our Sunday meetings, but now the number has grown a lot, so it will be a bit too much to have school on Sundays in addition to church. Therefore, we now have school only on Saturdays, but we have expanded the program so we have school Saturdays from around 8AM to 4PM including picking up and sending them.

The first day of school did not start so well, even though 24 children came. It rained heavily, there were floods in several places and it was difficult to pick up and send the children, but we were able to have it anyway, and the children were excited.

The next two weeks there were about 40 children, and last weekend we had about 60 children.
The school has become very popular and it is busy for only us four teachers who in addition to teaching is cooking, plus driving the children.
Most children lives some distance from the school, and it takes us about two hours to pick them up and send them home.

Since we are growing both in the number of Christians and children in our ministry, we would like to see, and we pray for one more couple that can help us.

Thief on our land
Lately, there has also been a thief at our school, who broke in and stole food. We know who he is. We tried to help him four years ago, when he was around 14 years old, but he is worse than he was, and he recently got out of a juvenile jail.
The police were even there when they caught him last Sunday, but they just let him go again and he is currently near our school, still.
Feel free to pray for us in this, it’s a bit stressful for us right now, because we do not quite know what to do. We need someone to live on our land, but there are challenges around that as well.

We Are Still Growing

Every week we have new people coming to our Church, and we still experience that many are interested in receiving Jesus. We had a woman receive Jesus last week.

As mentioned in previous newsletters, we have around twenty people who have received Jesus since New Year, and we are growing out of what we use of rooms on the land we rent. We have a large piece of land that we rent, but the landowner does not want us to build anything more there, or she will raise the rent.
Feel free to pray for us in this, our dream and prayer is to buy the land.

We are also planning another baptism on Sunday, around four will be baptized.

About Our new Christians
Many of the new Christians are family members and/or live in the same orange farm. The situation for immigration workers in Thailand is that they work seven days a week, and the salary is not good. When most people in the same orange farm want to have time off on the same day, it creates some problems for the manager of the orange farm. Therefore, not everyone can come on Sundays. We still try as best we can and follow them up in the evenings.

Some of the new Christians experience some persecution from co-workers, or even their boss, and they are often bullied for their new faith.

We also train those who have been Christians for a while, and take them with us when we have house meetings and evangelism.

The picture below is from a house Church last week where a woman received Jesus.
It is also one of our zealous new Christians who prays
with her in the Balong language to salvation.

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Our Economy (Donation)

As in the most of the world right now, we are in an inflation, where most things becomes more expensive. We also have felt that here in Thailand where food and oil prices are skyrocketing. In addition, the exchange rate is bad in relation to Norwegian kroner, so many things has become more expensive.

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Prayer Subject

  • Pray for the Saturday school that we have started up again and for all the children.
  • Pray for the new Christians and that we will be able to follow them up well!
  • Pray for the land and our growing ministry. Also pray that we will not have problems with the thief who has broken into the house on our land lately.
  • Pray for peace for Myanmar!

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