A Newsletter from the project Good News For the Shan, working among people groups from Myanmar.

Since our newsletter in mid-April, four people have accepted Jesus and seven people have been baptized!

This newsletter will be about a woman who experienced the power of The Holy Spirit, baptisms again, a new Christian who received a Bible and he also had a dream etc.


I have also made a new video from the ministry. See video further down in this email!

A presentation of our project

A Grandmother Experienced the
Power of The Holy Spirit

A grandmother we have known for over three years now became a Christian and experienced something very special when she accepted Jesus for about two weeks ago. She is a grandmother of two children who attend our weekend school.
We have visited her several times and prayed for her in connection with illness.

One lady in her family, a cousin, became a Christian a year ago. She also became it through us, and she comes to our Sunday meetings. The grandmother was interested at the time when this woman accepted Jesus, but she did not want to abandon her Buddhist and animistic tradition and faith.

During the last month, she has had some contact with her Christian cousin, and she has also listened to a lot of teaching about Jesus, including from Mawkkham through YouTube and Facebook.
When we visited her Christian cousin one day, she said that now this grandmother wanted to become a Christian and be baptized.

One Friday morning we went to visit her. She was so happy that we came, and she said that she was very ready to become a Christian.
We explained the Gospel again very clearly to her, and asked if she understood what it was about. She confirmed it.

She was wearing some amulets and bracelets that she had been given by witch doctors for protection against evil spirits, and Mawkkham said: You don’t need these anymore, for Jesus is greater than all evil spirits. She gladly took it off, and we prayed a salvation prayer with her.

After we had prayed for her, she said: Something is happening to me, I can physically feel it. When she said that, she stiffened up a bit, and I saw that she started to fall backwards from where she was sitting, so I rushed behind her and held her up. Mawkkham put his hand again on her and said with authority: In the name of Jesus, I command everything that is oppressing this woman to go!
Within a second, she was herself again, and now she beamed with joy and said: I know something happened and I now have a joy that I cannot explain. She actually started dancing a bit, with joy.

We sent some worship songs over Messenger, and when we left she was busy singing along to the worship songs.
She also comes to our Sunday meetings, and she is still full of joy.
Last Sunday we baptized her!

This was a very special experience that I am not fully able to put into words.
I know this grandmother experienced the power of The Holy Spirit breaking demonic bonds within her, I am convinced of it.

New Christians, Bible and a Dream

On a Friday in the end of April, three people accepted Jesus, and the following Sunday we baptized them. In addition, we baptized three of the children of our new staff, so six people were baptized this day (see the picture below).

One of our new Christians, who was saved and baptized in the end of April, received his first Shan Bible in mid-May. He was very happy for it, and he had asked a lot for one since he became a Christian.
He eagerly started to read it every night.

He also said that he prayed every night and morning. One evening when we had house church by his house, he told us that he have had a vision or a dream. He saw all of us in white robes and that we were all together in the same place, he probably dreamed of heaven or the second coming of Jesus. He was very encouraged by it.

This man also has a wife that is eight month pregnant and he has two more children.
Please remember them in your prayers, both for their new faith and for the new baby they are expecting, probably this. month.

Our Saturday School is Still Very Popular

A team visited us again
One weekend at the end of May we received a team again. This was a local Thai YWAM staff team.
They had a good program for our Saturday school, and they were a great help.

We gathered over 70 children this day, and the children are still very excited to come every Saturday.
We were about 70 last Saturday too.

Before we prayed for more students, when we were only about 15, now it’s almost so we hope not everyone will come. It is sometimes very busy with that many children, but we are still grateful to God for this opportunity to show God’s love to so many children every week!

We also want foreign staff
We are open to foreign persons and married couples who can help us for a shorter or longer time. Especially in connection with the school that we have, but also someone who can help us with driving children and adults.
Please get in touch if you are interested!


This picture is from when we were visiting a house
church one evening, we do this almost every night

With fairly simple and small resources, we are shearing the Good News with over hundred people out here in Northern Thailand every week, and we don’t have any big sponsors.
The people we work with are immigration workers and refugees from the Shan State in Myanmar. We work with ethnic groups such as Shan, Ba Long, Black Karen (Jang Lam) etc.

Norwegian krone exchange rate
We get most of our support in Norwegian krone, and for some months now the exchange rate has been historically low. Thai bath often follows the dollar, so when the dollar rate is high compare to Norwegian kroner, so is the Thai bath.
We feel the low krone exchange rate very well when it comes to our own finances.
Please pray for this situation as well.

Feel free to consider whether you should support us, we need more to reach out further!

The project (Good News for the Shan)
We have increasing expenses with our project, and not many people regularly supporting it. Among other things, we have a staff family of five people that we give a monthly support to. So we need more regular donors!

You can support/donate in this way:
By PayPal (use this link)
Read more about how you can support here
Pleas also feel free  contact me at: torejohannes att gmail.com (there is other ways than PayPal that you can transfer money to us trough)

If you are Norwegian or have a Norwegian bank account see this page

Prayer Subjects

  • Pray for our new Christians, that they will be rooted in their faith, and for wisdom for us to teach and follow them up
  • Pray for the grandmother who became a Christian and was baptized recently, she is also struggling a bit with her health
  • Pray for protection over our ministry and project!
  • Pray for my trip to Norway, I will go to Norway for 3 weeks in August and September.
  • Pray for Elisabeth that she will recover quickly
  • Please pray that we find a driver, especially before I leave for Norway!
  • Pray for our finances both privately and for the ministry!

Watch a short video from our ministry!

En video presentasjon av prosjektet

Have a Blessed Summer!
Tore, Mawkkham, Anna, Sarah and Elisabeth

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