A Newsletter from Good News For The Shan Ministry, working among people groups from Myanmar.

Here is the latest news from hot and humid Thailand. After an extremely hot Thai summer, with temperatures reaching up to 43 degrees from March to May, we have finally received some rain. Although the temperatures drop somewhat when it rains, it still feels very warm due to the high humidity.

Over the past three months, a lot has happened in our ministry, including several new Christians, growth in the congregation, and a trip to Norway.
Read on for more about these exciting news.

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Towards the end of the newsletter, we will also mention a couple of important things about financial support, such as: You are involved, or can be involved, in what God is doing out here in South East Asia, even if it is only by small amounts or in prayer!

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A presentation of our project

A Shan Man Accepted Jesus in May.

One of our new Christians we are discipling (on the left in the picture) visited a Shan couple who were open to the Gospel. The couple had requested prayer, as the man had difficulty walking and they had lost their 18-year-old son a year ago. Our team thoroughly explained the Gospel to them, and the man wanted to accept Jesus.

This story is particularly encouraging because it was one of our disciples, a Palong Christian, who first made contact with the couple and helped lead the man to Jesus. This demonstrates how the Palong people are now reaching out to the Shan people, which was previously the other way around. We hope that in the future, this will continue to go both ways.

The Seeds We Planted Bore Fruit!

This week, we visited a family who accepted Jesus around three months ago (the woman on the left and the man on the right in the picture). They told us that they had attended our house meetings around two years ago, where they listened carefully to the Good News.

However, it took them a long time to decide to believe. The man in the family is the uncle of a woman who became a Christian almost three years ago, and it was her husband who led them to salvation a few months ago.

We don’t always see the fruits of our labor immediately, but what we sow will one day bear fruit. We have seen this several times in our ministry.

Increase in Attendance at Our Sunday Services

In May, we have seen an increase in the number of people attending our Sunday services, with over 40 people present.
This is partly due to the frequent rain, which means our Christians can’t work as much in the orange groves where they are employed.
Most of them work 8-9 hours a day, 7 days a week, and only get some time off when it rains. They often use this free time to attend our Sunday services.

Additionally, we have some new attendees.

If everyone who is able to come attends, we will have over 50 people. Many of these individuals have become Christians over the past three years, partly as a result of our ministry.

The Saturday School Remains Just as Popular.

Even though we had to close the Saturday school for two weeks while Tore was in Norway, almost fifty children came when we reopened.

The children are so eager to come that they often walk for an hour, even during the rainy season, to attend our school.

Bible Teaching and Disciple Training

In April, we were visited by a couple from Canada who helped us with a weekend of Bible teaching and disciple training.
The theme was The Father Heart of God, and many were deeply touched. Both I and the Canadian couple taught.

The new Christians almost didn’t want to leave when we concluded on Sunday afternoon, so it was a successful event.


The ministry and project we run have simple and limited funds, but the work is steadily increasing, and we are reaching further out. We need more funds to continue expanding and growing.

The monthly budget for our project is approximately $1,700, but currently, we only receive around $500 per month.
For now, we manage through faith and larger individual donations.
We pray for increased contributions, which would also ease our personal finances.

If you are a member or leader in a church, please consider supporting our mission project among unreached and displaced people from Myanmar. We are also open to ideas on how we can raise funds for the project.

Feel free to contact us!

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Prayer Subjects

  • Pray for the Shan man who recently became a Christian.
  • Pray for the training of our new Christians, so they can assist us in visiting new Christians.
  • Pray for strength for us as leaders; we can feel tired at times.
  • Pray for the DTS team and the new couple who will begin helping us.
  • Pray for Myanmar!
  • Pray for protection over our ministry and project.
  • Pray for more regular donors to the project!

Watch a short video from our ministry!

A presentation of our project

Have a Blessed Summer!
Good News For The Shan Team

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