Newsletter from the ministry Good News for the Shan in
Northern Thailand, working among the Shan people from Myanmar.

We are in a busy time right now. We have visits from a DTS team from Canada, and we also have been giving out Covid-19 relief as food to many families and individuals affected by the Covid-19 situation, which is virtually most of the people we are reaching out to.
The Covid-19 situation has worsened here in the north recently, but vaccinations are in progress. 

Last week we also visited four families who lost everything in a flood.

Read more about this in our newsletter.

The Water Came Suddenly 

Giving out food to the families affected bye the flash flood

Last week we were visiting four poor immigration shan families who had lost everything in a flash flood.
We knew two of the families from before, but we have not had the opportunity to visit them for several months due to Covid-19.

One night it started to rain heavily.  They suddenly heard a loud rumble and they wondered what it was.

When they examined it, they saw the water coming flooding towards them.  They grabbed their children and ran what they could to get away from the water.  One woman became a bit hysterical, for all the money she had saved up, probably over several years, was left in the house. Everything they owned and had was lost in the flood.

The flash flood happened because of a dam that burst about a kilometer from where they lived.  The house, or shed, they lived in was completely gone, and they did not find anything of their belongings. 

We wanted to visit them, but we were not allowed to go there the day after it happened, because the road was closed.  We are also in a very busy time.  We finally got to visit them six days after it had happened.
 Some people had already given them some.  The house they lived in will be rebuilt, they had been given some clothes and food equipment.

When we visited them they were very happy to see us again.  They told us about the traumatic event, and the woman who had lost her money was in tears.  We encouraged and prayed for them, and the most important thing was that no lives were lost.
 If the incident had happened just an hour or two later, they would have slept, and there is a high probability that lives could have been lost.  There were four children living there, the youngest is only nine months old.

We also gave them some food: A 15 kilo sack of rice, a box of noodles, canned fish, oil, eggs and some milk and sweets for the kids.  They also needed mattresses and slightly thicker duvets, because it will soon be cold at night here (it can actually go down to 8-10 degrees in December), so we will soon go back to give them this.

Feel free to remember these families!  When we told them the good news about a year ago, they told us that they had never heard the gospel before.
 So pray that they will discover more of God’s love in spite of this traumatic event.

Covid-19 Relief for 40 Poor Families 

Despite the fact that Covid-19 infections are higher than it has ever been in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, we have been able to help many people recently.

Among other things, we have given out food, such as rice, eggs, fish, noodles etc. to around 25 families/people/places, and we still have around 20 places to go to. We received a donation in October from an mission organization in Switzerland for Covid-19 relief, we have also received another donation this month from a donor in Canada.

We have given out to several families, to widows, to the elderly and to people living alone.
One day we visited an elderly man who can not walk, and lives a bit up in the mountains. We gave him the food we had bought and prayed for him.  He also does not have electricity in his house, so we have a desire to buy a solar panel for him. We also have a wheelchair we will give to him.

Everyone we have been given food to are affected by the pandemic in one way or another.  Some have lost their jobs and have had to find other poorly paid jobs (or no job at all), and it is also sometimes difficult to find a job.  Many of those who work in the orange farms have also received lower wages due to the pandemic. They used to be poor payed already. Plus that the food prices are getting higher and higher.

 We also gave relief to a family that recently had been through a Covid-19 quarantine, and it also meant that they had no income for 14 days.

In addition, we also helped a family (see photo above) with a water pump.  We both bought it and helped assemble it. The family didn’t have running water for over a month, and they were very grateful that we helped them get water to their home again.

Pictures below are from when we
visited the old man in the mountains

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Prayer Subject

  • Pray for the four families affected by the flash flood
  • Pray for everyone we have given food to
  • Pray for the DTS team that are visiting us for 14 days, especially for protection (should someone be infected with Covid-19, can it be very difficult for us).
  • We are constantly growing in the ministry, and pray for wisdom, strength, good health and unity in our ministry.
  • Pray for protection, especially against Covid-19.
  • Pray for more regular donors to our ministry

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