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Sometimes I wonder if we have had angels on visits?
We had a special experience one evening this month when we were out ministering her in Nothern-Thailand.
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Visit From An Angle?

Sometimes I wonder if we have met an angel?
One day at the beginning of this month, we helped a woman with a husband who beat her and had now left her, she was also thrown out of the place where she lived and worked. She was staying in a shed with 3 children, just waiting and not knowing what to do. She also had no telephone and could not call anyone.

We were able to talk to her earlier in the day on a borrowed phone. We tried to arrange transport for her then, to some relatives, but everybody we asked didn’t  want to transport.
When we heard from someone that her husband had left her, and she was all alone now, we tried to find the place where she stayed.
We knew the name of the nearby temple where she was, so we rode on our motorbike around and asked people about if they knew the women. After about two hours, when we had almost given up, we found a person who knew about her. After some more searching, we finally found her and the children, including her three-month-old son, in a shed with a few belongings.

It was getting dark, and we did not know how to bring her to her relatives who live in a village about 30 minutes away.
Then an elderly Thai man stopped, he had worked on the rice field, and he was on his way home. He asked if he could help. We explained the situation and he said he was willing to drive them. He had lived in the village the relatives live in, and knew where it was. We offered to give him some money, but he only wanted 60 baht (2USD) to bring them. This was very unique, because sometimes when the locals see a foreigner, they only see dollars. But this was not the case with this older man. He had a heart that I do not see much, and it made me wonder if we had met an angel.

Anyway, I feel many times blessed to live in Thailand, and there are many Thais who have a big heart, and I think the previous Thai king, who died 4 years ago this month, has taught them, especially those from the older generations of Thai, well. Like: Having mercy on the poor and needy.

I really believe that God led us us that day! If we had not found her just before it got dark, and the older Thai man had not helped, we are not sure what would have happened to this lady and her three children.
It was a long day, and we did not get to eat dinner until over eight in the evening, but it was also a very special experience that I will not soon forget.

We were back two days later and gave some food to them too and they are doing better. But still remember to pray for this family!

This is a story and some of what we are a part of doing here in northern Thailand, and this is one of the things that is close to our hearts to do as well: Helping families and people who are having a hard time. Broken homes and broken hearts.

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